Trying to find this Rolls Royce from 1939

the same model. I have this low res version and i need a much higher one. maybe someone here seem it before or know the author?

THE THING IS I want to print this and it doesn’t look as good as on the monitor.

the file name says 1939-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-III-Vutotal-Cabriolet-by-Labourdette which means he/she must have an account or nick like that on blender. Actually that’s not a nick Labourdette is the name of the 1930s french designer for cars or something.

“Labourdette” is not a nick of a blender user, but the family name of car builders:

to be honest, i dont really know if this is a rendering at all, could be a normal photoshoot, too, just in a white box.
you could try, which scales up images using a neural network, unlike photoshop and maybe you can get some more quality out of it.

I tried that site, it doesn’t impress me. maybe cause I didn’t use all their advanced features I did some simple cartoon amplification and it didn’t do well.definicion_fantasmas1 that photo. try it urself and post it here if you can do it better. that’s the low resolution one i got. (isnot the enhanced version is the original i got.)

anyway any word of the rolls royce 3d. which is 3d by the way it even says it was made in 2007. I know now is not the artist name. it doens’t look photoshop friend, it doesn’t look a painting it looks like my own blender rolls royce one.

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can someone help me please??