Trying to follow tutorial to make string but it isn't behaving like string when I press play

I am trying to follow this video explaining how to make string but when I hit play, my vertices don’t go slack; they just stay stationary/rigid. I’ve tried assigning one end or both ends of the string to the pin group but that doesn’t make a difference. I’d like one end of the string to be attached to the underside of the large flat cylinder shape and the other end to be attached to the topside of the small flat cylinder shape.

If I add Skin via Modifier Properties > Add Modifier then it looks pretty werd which might give some clue as to what is happening? I just want a piece of string, not some kind of box thing attached to a plank!

Thanks for any help.

I’m using version 2.92 on Windows 10.

No idea what the skin modifier will do to the simulation, but in your 1st screenshot you’re in edit-mode. Simulation won’t happen in edit-mode, play animation in object-mode to see simulation.

Good luck!

Thanks but it isn’t animating in object mode.

Cloth works fine for me in 2.92.

Double-check your pin group isn’t the whole object. Pinned vertices don’t move.

If that’s not the issue, try restarting the tutorial - but try not to parrot the tutorial… take the time to understand the first-principles: i.e. with every step, understand what you’re doing, what “mode” you’re in (e.g. edit, sculpt, object, etc.), what you’re affecting and how to undo what you’re doing, and what impact that would have. Experiment with what you’ve learnt at every step (e.g. see if you can replicate the step on a default cube, or do some simple exercise/experiment to test your understanding), check the Blender docs to make sure you understand not just that you have to click a button that the tutor tells you to click, understand what that button does and settings around that button also. Otherwise learning Blender will be much harder than it needs to be.

Good luck.