Trying to get a better ambient occlusion render

I decided to try out a render with ambient occlusion. While it looks okay for the most part in my opinion, I found the low intensity shadows around the ‘feet’ to be off putting. Is there a way to make them stronger? I’m also open to other ways that the render could be improved.


Do you have a onlyshadowplane for the ground?
If yes, turn the ambientvalue of that material to 0 to darken those shadows.

Is this a yafaray clay render with AO? if not, you could try that way

Since you mentioned it, I decided to download and install Yafray. However the Yafray webpage says that it needs Python 2.6.2 installed. In addition, it will only work with Blender versions compiled with Python 2.6. Does this mean that I will need both Python 2.6.2 and 2.6 installed in order to use it (I don’t know if Blender 2.49a will work with Python 2.6.2)?
Also, I tried setting the plane material to OnlyShadow with ambientvalue set to 0 like testscreenings suggested, and the plane turned black.


blender works with a variety of versions I believe, in fact (could be wrong) I didn’t think it relied on a specific version but needs a version to match the scripts being run if the internal engine can’t handle it (or something like that).

Note, I’m referring to Yafaray, yafray was discontinued in 2006 if you’re old school you might just have that habbit, I’m a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

If I download Python 2.6.2 will I need to uninstall 2.6? Oh and I just realized that it was Yafaray that I had installed.

Not sure if it overwrites or not. I would guess being a minor version that it’s not a big deal but that’s a guess