Trying to get a design made

Yes I need three space ships made for this thing I do and I would love them to be a 3D model. I can’t seem to get them to work myself for what I want since I’m trying for a star wars theme. I kept deforming them no matter how hard I tried. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who I could describe them to and you could make them from me? Thank you in advanced.

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better try blendswap , if you just need the models. Every one starts some where. If you are unable to model your ships properly, then post them on forum and ask for help, you’ll surely get a lot of help.

So describe the ships I am trying get get made?

If you want you can download and use mine over Here

But, BEWARE, it has no textures or UV map.

PS I don’t care what you do with it, as long as you give credit.

I can’t really get the program to work, I was wondering if there was a way I could describe the ships I was trying to make and someone could possibly make them for me?

I was hopping I could describe the ships I need and someone could make them for me? I just can’t get these things to work. I have tried modding for skyrim and now this.