Trying to get camera to follow path and it's driving me crazy

I’ve looked at several tutorials and none of them work for me. Let me tell you what I’m trying to do: I’m wanting to lock a camera view to an object, and then circle that object as the camera rises in a spiral until its looking straight down at object. I’ve tried locking a camera to an empty (it worked) and then using a path for the camera to follow. The camera just sat at the wrong end of the path (according to the direction of its arrows) and went no where. I tried having it follow a circle, so I could just raise the circle, but it attached and went no where. This program is driving me nuts. Any ideas? Thanks

Change order of constraints?

Start simple. Make a curve and attach the camera to it with a Follow Path modifier. Set your first and last keyframes for the curve’s path animation field in it’s properties window. Make sure also that the ‘frames’ field for the curve equals the number of frames you’re using. If your camera has jumped to a new location after you do this, then just make sure you’re on frame 1 and then manually set the camera to where you want it. Now run the animation to make sure the camera moves in the right direction. If it doesn’t then check the Follow Path modifier and set it to use a different axis (x or y only). You might have to adjust the position of the camera again once you find the best axis.

Once you have the camera properly following the curve, you can now adjust the curve to form the path that you want.

Once you have the curve the way you want it, you can add a Damped Tracking modifier to the camera to track your object.

That should be it.

Have fun!

Don’t forget to ‘clear-origin’ (alt+G) for both the camera and the path.

Thanks guys! I was trying a different method without the modifiers before, but tried the modifiers and got it to work.

Alt-G to clear origin? Thanks for that tip!

To be honest the clear origin thing should be a tick function of the constraint. Its a pain to have to do it all the time.