Trying To Get My Audio To Lip Sync with Animation

So I have a scene Scene1.blend (2.2 MB) and I turned on Av-Sync, and LocRot and added my audio and baked sound to the f-curve but after I generate the animation; the end result is my character doesn’t look like they are talking and I can’t hear any audio. So I have two questions please if anyone can help.

  1. What are the right back sound to f-curve settings to get the character to appear the most like they are talking? Like what makes there mouth open the most? So what settings below do you recommend

Lowest frequency:
Highest frequency:
Attack time:
Release time:

Square Threshold:

  1. After I have generated my animation and its saved in avi raw do I still have to bring it into a video editing software and drop the audio in the background?


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Bump can anyone please help?

Hi, since I don’t focus on animation in blender, I’m probably not the best person to advice you on how to lip sync, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that the bake to f-curve feature isn’t for lip syncing animation. It just makes the animation curve match the audio waveform. It the sort of feature you would use to make objects move to match music for audio visualizers and stuff like that.

From what I understand, this is largely done manually, but there are third party tools you can use to somewhat automate this process:

And here’s a tutorial where someone installs and uses this addon:

I haven’t tried this addon, so I’m not sure if it has been updated to work with 2.8 or not. If this addon doesn’t work for you, then you’ll have to do this manually. The methodology is supposed to be the same as what you do for 2d animation. Each syllable in a word has a mouth shape and you just switch to the appropriate mouth shape to match those syllables.