trying to get ready

Hello everyone, I am working on a big project and wanted to ask before I put a lot of time into it and come on something I should have done earlier and be forced to kinda start from scratch. I’m planning on modeling a whole character and aiming towards realism. After I finish through sculpting, I’m going to topologize it to get ready for texturing the skin, after that, I want to rig and animate it into a short scene video. The character is gonna have long hair and its moving freely in the wind. He also gonna have pant on and kinda moving because of the wind.i also gonna throw in some lightning and question is, is there anything I should keep in mind while im modeling, or rigging to account for the wind, lightning, and fire? Or while, I’m modeling, besides having good topology, is there anything I should keep in mind or I should do to account for rigging? So basically I just want to not miss something that will I will pay for later on. Thank you in advance guys and I hope I get more tips and advice from more than just one person so I can be more ready. :). Also, I’m buying a new computer just specially for big projects like this one. What should I look for in a computer since I’m gonna be going for a realism scene using blender? So it can render fast and don’t crash on me (Parts wise, etc) thanks again

The main thing, on the computer, is, you need to have an openGL compatible graphics card. I think Nvidia is the card of choice.

ok thanks, how about the other things i mentioned?

you may want to check into techniques on making shoulders for animation. seems to be the main problem area for most.