trying to get rid of verticies

Hi, i am currently on my second tutorial and im stuck at a part where i should have only 2 verticies selected. Well when i select them i have 15 instead, i think when i was using the knife tool some of my faces may have combined, or i just have no idea how i made more verts.

also the step instructs me to rip the verticies, when i try to rip them it’s either still stuck together and moves around ( for some reason the “v” key was acting like the “G” key for grab) or if they rip apart it’s ripping into the wrong direction. I’ll probably need some pics but is there any easy method to get rid of extra verticies?

i think i had this problem in my first tut too. I also hate how sneaky it can be when im creating something and i could go for hours and not know there are extra verticies.

While in wireframe mode (“Z” key), select the extra vertices with “C” or “B”, then hit “S” and 0 on the numpad. it will gather the verticies and then you can remove them with the “remove doubles” command (just hit the spacebar and look for it).

When I was a beginner I had this problem because of the “symmetrize” tool, if you do, you should use a mirror modifier, I think it’s better.

I hope this helps you !