Trying to get texture to move with particles

Hello everyone,

Mildly Blender newbie having an issue, so please mentally insert the usual issue preface here (‘Sorry if this is really obvious/has already been posted somewhere’, etc).

I’m trying to make an animation in which the front cover of my book dissolves and drifts away. Eveything is working fine, but I’, having a problem with the texture. When the particles begin to drift away, they are taking their colour value from the base material, rather than the texture assigned to them (see below):

The dissolve is made using lots of small faces controlled by particles and an Explode modifier. What I want is for the faces to take the part of the image texture with them as they go, like jigsaw pieces. I’ve tried applying the cover image as both an image texture and a UV map and I get the same result both times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just pointing out a really stupid, obvious mistake I’m making/step I’m missing.


No worries - I’ve fixed it. A lot of random button clicking and beard-scratching later. I would explain what I did, but I’m not entirely sure.

Feel free to close this threat, mods :slight_smile: