Trying to get translucent object to distort background

Hi all,

New to Blender.

Problem: I have an mp4 text animation and want to add a translucent object over it in blender. I want the text and background to be distorted by the translucent shape. See below for an example,

So far I have the shape but I can’t work out how to add my background and have interact with the shape

Any info or tutorials on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!


Try a glass shader with roughness. Translucency shader itself only provides diffuse re-emission through the backface.

Thanks, so it’s more so getting the background image to be effected. As in, how to place the image in the background and have the blob refract it in the foreground

Also having the problem that when I bring in an mp4 as on a plane and place the object in front of it, it’s not refracting the video thats in behind, like in the reference above ^

Which render engine do you use? Should work in Cycles. I don’t know pretty much anything about Eevee.