Trying to Import Illustrator Paths

I’m trying to import the paths from a logo done in Illustrator in order to extrude them and make them 3D, but I’m running into a problem. The first is that, according to everything I look up online, there should be an ‘Import Paths’ option from the import drop down that I just can’t seem to find. Supposedly this should work with illustrator files directly, but I can’t test this out regardless.

I do have the option to import SVG files, but saving the logo out as an SVG and importing it into Blender gives me nothing but a mess of vertices that intersect with each other, while the path is clean in Illustrator. I read somewhere that Blender fares better with SVGZ files, but I need to use “Import Paths” to use these as well. I’ve tried on versions 2.65, 2.69, and the test build of 2.7 all with no success. What am I overlooking?

There isn’t currently a way to import Illustrator files directly, but I did read somewhere in these very forums, that someone was working on an addon. SVG will work better if your paths are separate, closed objects. Once you import into Blender, the object will be very small and all the separate paths will be on top of each other, so you’ll have to move them apart slightly. I’ve never had a problem with SVG unless the illustration is very complex, in which case, you’ll want to import each piece separately.