Trying to import .wrl from SolidWorks - nothing happens

New user, Using V2.63. Doing simulations of machine functions for training purposes.

I would like to import items from SolidWorks. The engineer is able to give me .wrl files. I tried importing a single item using the “File, Import, X3D extensible 3D (.x3d/.wrl)” from the dropdown. Nothing happens. I get no images or activity.

My reading seems to indicate that no scripts need to be loaded, that this is a built-in feature of this version. I am betting that this is a simple error on my part. Can someone help me understand how to import these items?

Bob T.

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A bit difficult to help you without you giving more for other people to work with.
How about an example file ?

I’m not able to upload the file because it has a .wrl extension. I can fake it out by temporarily changing the extension, or is there a better place to post it so that you can retrieve it?

You can upload .zip files

Are you strictly limited to .wrl files? I export out of solidworks on a regular (darn near daily) basis and I use the .stl format. As simple as clicking save as… and choosing the .stl format. It’s a bit messy, but it comes into blender with no issues. If you change the .stl options to meters, it even comes into blender in scale. I’ve had very little luck with .wrl files, but I would be very interested to know if the .wrl files offer an advantage.

I’m using Blender 2.66 and I’m trying to import a .wrl file. But nothing happens when I import it (I go files -> import -> .wrl -> find the file -> click import). There is no changes at all. Doesn’t .wrl files work at all in Blender?

Solidworks to Blender via VRML works fine. Blender’s importer is for VRML v2.0 so you must export from Solidworks using VRML 97 (rather than the default VRML v1.0) in the options menu.

But .stl is still the better format.