Trying to impress a girl

She plays the electric guitar, so I thought I’d make one for her in blender. I kinda like how it went. I’m still needing to put in the wires behind the knobs. I’m also going to be putting together a speaker to sit next to it.

Think if I printed out an 8X10 and framed it she’d like it?

I suck @ blender. ><


Yes! it is an innovative thought, creative, and shows how you can blend your interests in art and creativity.

Thanks, Smurf!. :slight_smile: What can I do to improve it? I’m going to rework the stand, it’s too big odd-looking. Other than that, I’m unsure.

If you wanted to impress her, you didn’t have to make an entire guitar.

All you had to do was buy a cheap one, hit her over the head with it, then drag her back to your cave. :cool:

What size shadow buffer are you using?

maybe if it sat on a stage, it would represent her dream to play on a stage one day.

I’d advize you to add the internals of the guitar in as it’s see through, any guitar buff can see that one won’t work. And you’ll need to fix that shadow, the guitar’s made of glass or something similar, the shadow can’t be solid like that.