Trying to join geometry nodes output causes them to delete

Ok so following this post:

When I do these things it creates multiple objects for random groups of the scattered basic cubes I am using. But then, when I highlight all to join them (CTRL+J) into a single object, all except what is highlighted is deleted, not joined.

Known bug, or is the above topic no longer correct. Essentially, I just want all the output joined into a single mesh object.

EDIT: Actual File Is below… all the .001 onwards objects should be joined.
test_failed_successfully.blend (1.1 MB)

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Hi @crayzcrinkle,

You need to add a Realize Instances Node :-

then, with all selected in the viewport, apply the GeoNode Modifier in the Properties panel…


this will convert each geonode into a single group mesh, you can then use CTRL-J to join all the groups you have into one big mesh.

Hope that’s of help,

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Thank you so much this was driving me insane!