Trying to keep my jar from moving.

I’m trying to keep my jar from moving when I drop marbles in it. Is there anyway to keep it in the same place?


jar.blend (1.2 MB)

Glue it to the table! Sorry couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

LOL the problem is, finding out how to do that :slight_smile: I’ve actually filled it now but it tilts when the weight of the marbles is added to it :frowning:

Found my glue :slight_smile:


Good deal! Some tips since I can tell you are learning Blender and maybe even 3d in general. Easier to just place these by hand. It’s cool though to learn the physics engine and fluid sims and the like. But I wasted a lot of time playing with those, when I should have just worried about what the finished result looked like. Like wise with modeling, all the tools are cool, but I spend more time extruding single faces and placing individual vertices than using tools. Looks like with this render you have some black faces because your ray depth is not sufficient to penetrate all the layers.

Good luck and have fun.