Trying to learn 3D Studio Max after learning Blender

This week my work has asked me to learn 3DS Max to help out on a project. I consider myself a Blender noob, but I’ve been able to comfortably model low poly models and texture in it and I’ve somewhat fallen in love with it despite it looking initially so disparate from OS X.

My main problem is I’ve grown so used to the workflow and shortcuts that come with Blender that moving to Max feels like wading through treacle with two arms behind my back.

Everything from adding primitives to removing unneeded vertices just feels so clunky despite my best efforts learning the different keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve collectively spent hours searching online for how to replicate workflows and features I’ve grown accustomed to in Blender only to find that often the feature isn’t there. For example I spent 30 minutes today trying to find how to select only visible parts of a mesh only to find out the best Max could do was turn on Backface culling which didn’t work in way Blender does anyway.

Are they any guides out there to help me in my plight, or does anyone have any experience of 3D Studio that feels my pain and can lend me their advice?

Any guidance much appreciated.

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Probably want to get a subscription, month to month, at one or both of those, shouldn’t be too expensive and should cover everything.

Appreciate the reply, but I’ve already been following tutorials. However what they don’t do is approach the learning from a perspective of a Blender user who is used to different workflows is where I’m finding the problems. 3DS Max currently feels so unwieldy in comparison to Blender and the struggle is causing a little hostility on my part towards the new application.