trying to learn blender

(the wave) #1

hey can someone give me some links to tutorials for blender. i’m a complete noobie. also, can you find the stuff that used to be on the official blender site anywhere? thanks

(cree) #2

Hope it helps. Good luck.

(CurtisS) #3

Also take a look at these tuts right here on Elysiun:

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(Squee) #5

The best way to learn Blender in my opinion is to get
“The Blender Book” It was made for a older version
but it still covers a lot of the basics. It also cost a bit
of money but I think it is worth it.

(cree) #6

You can get the first chapter of the manual at

(sonic-2nd) #7

Learning Blender… please don’t give up you need ALOT of patience… seriously(if anyone has seen the harsh ratings Blender recieved when int was at Cnet downloads.) I strongly recommend that you use another modelling software first. Try Milkshape, it is cheap. Once you think you’ve gotten used to it, then you should come to Blender. For the cubes and everything just press spacebar, alright?

And if you are already good at 3d modelling, do what I do and check out 3d model tutorials(for other programs) and try and do the same with Blender. Try using the front, side, top views as seen in other mdling programs(you go through so much trouble to create something as simple as that.)

Then, the rest is up to you.