Trying to learn head modeling

As the title says. I’m trying to learn head modeling especially good topology. Can anyone critique this head I made?

Also, if anyone has any links on modeling lips that don’t look horrible, I’d like to take a look at them.



I notice that a common mistake in lip making, is to make the upper and lower lips protrude the same ammount. mostly the upper lip should stick out slightly more. another mistake people make, is to not have enough indentation around the corners of the mouth. yet another is that they make them too straight. Here’s a picture I made, kind of rough but it conveys the basic idea…

Thanks, that should help a lot.

Heya Fantom,
Modeling organic shapes realisticly always takes some practise to get right,
especially since people tend to ‘think’ how things should look instead of ‘looking for themselves’.
Observation and eye for proportins and shapes is crucial and might take some time to perfect.

Your head is a bit out of proportion, but o.k. to start with taking that you’ll keep imroving it in time.

I see that you choose to boxmodel your head from a cube which is good practise to start out with to practise how fast you can get the right proportions in there and it is one of the fasted tecniques to get the head going.
But if you really want to learn how the seperate shapes of the head look first (like the lips) I recommend a different tecnique of modeling that focuses on edgeloops, and edgeflow flowing the anatomy and mussleflow of the head. When you’ve learned this my experience is that boxmodeling gets 1000 times easier and more efficient.
A very good series on this teqnique can be found on Blendercookie:
A shame is that this series is still in blender 2.49 but the same principles still apply.

Another tecnique would be using sculpting- and editmode togather to boxmodel your head in there.
for that teqnique there is a more recent series available:

good references are always a good way to orentate yourself for a project is a very good website
(Head ref. )

But googleimages also gets you some good results.
not to mentions your own (or a friend’s) camera and a volunteer :slight_smile:

I hope this helped you on your way


I probably should have mentioned, I’m not going for realistically proportioned in this case, although I’m sure in the future I will want to and will definitely note that for future reference. At the moment I’m trying to learn how to judge and create a good topology for animating facial expressions. As I understand it, that mostly means edge loops around the eyes and mouth, which is what I tried to accomplish.

I’ll definitely take a look at those videos

Scultping is another thing I’ve been interested in, and I’ve dabbled in it a little bit, but without much success. Of course, like anything else, I’m sure it just takes practice and patience.