Trying to make a domino fall over like a domino would....

I’ve never understood how to make a rectangular object fall over after being hit without it rolling around and around like a sphere(which is very different from a rectangle). People always tell me about bound types, and I’ve changed it on many occasion, but the thing keeps on rolling. How do I get a domino that is standing on end to fall over and land flat. Thanks.

Also, how can I make the mouse visible in-game. Python is fine.

Well, I can’t say anything other than what you’ve probably already heard: select object, dynamic/ridgid body, bounds -> box in F4 window, Ctrl+A. You also can’t use 2.25.

To make your mouse appear, you must use python :wink: even though I don’t know python I remembered this little script :slight_smile:

import Rasterizer

Of course changing (1) to a (0) will make the mouse disappear.

Using the bullet physics in the new build would also make this kind of falling domino effect work better.

Thanks facemania. And by new build do you mean 2.40? Is that stable yet?

Make sure the “rigid body” is selected in the game window… that’s a big one.

I have that, and they kinda fall over like dominos. I have the blend here :

Take a look at it and see if you can see what’s wrong with it.

Spacebar drops ball bearing, arrow keys look around, W,S,A,D move around, + and - move up and down.

Where is the center of the domino? If you want it to “fall” by means of rotation, it should rotate about a point that is on the center of the lower leading-edge of the object. When it rotates around that point, it will be seen to “fall.” The default center-point is the geometric center, and an object rotating around that point is “magical.”

Hmm…I can’t see anything point-blank “wrong” with the file. I say that you just have to keep tweaking settings like RotDamp, Mass, and Form.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and that cube that controls the camera can knock the dominoes.