trying to make a few elements :)

ok i’m gonna try and make a few small!!! environments
just a little training

name a few elements and i’ll TRY to combine them

here is a first one Easy models and a easy landscape( i’m just trying to get the right moods )

i’m still modifying this one
changing the lamp in the sphere to non-raytracing( btw anyone know anything about caustics in blender )
because the shadows are not soft enough:( ( and yes i did set all the materials to traceshadow ) i also am going to add a layer of ice and going to reduce the metal feeling of the ground )

also going to change the water

ok now a new one
this one has no OSA last one didn’t have it either

this one has OSA

I don’t really know or understand what the thing sticking out of the water is. I think you need to make it a little more obvious. Also, the dark spot under the water looks a little funny and makes the water look like it sinks down there, instead of having a level(relatively) surface.

Keep up the work.

if you have an imagination it doesnt really matter as it looks cool as hell, keep working on this sucker

That is looking really funky. I love it. But if those dark things are rocks, they might need a bit of work… they look slightly too smooth.

This is great :smiley: I like your rocks, but they could be a little more rough, they are to smooth IMO. And I think your water could use a little more noise…I think its a little to smooth as well. And with the turbulence that it has I think it would splash against the rocks.

Keep it up :wink:

without OSA the rocks looked rough
suppose i’ll just roughen the rocks up with some modelling
and yes the water there looks funny
i think i’ll change the raytracing on it as well as some values
and i’ll lower the bottom of the lake/pond( smoothly of course )
and the thing well who cares it looks cool and that’s all that matters

the themes for this are darkness,light and water

thanks for the c&c i didn’t expect so much( and thatnks for the positive as well :slight_smile: )


here we go

if someone could find a nice rock texture i would really appreciate it( repeatable )

It’s looking good now that I know a little more about it.

As for the rock texture I would say try to find the Mayang texture site. I don’t have it off the top of my head, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Good work.

To make the rocks rough again, try adding a new texture layer, with some variation on your rock texture (e.g. a higher contrast greyscale version), and set NOR or DISP (in “Map To” panel of the Texture buttons).

You might also want to try fractal subdividing (if you haven’t already).

I haven’t managed to achieve good caustics in Blender. I hear that it is possible, but I have yet to see for myself. If you figure anything out, let us know.

Well, you can use a caustics generator…and apply the texture and tweak it. Or you could use the imperal precedurals…not sure if I spelt that right…And Your rocks are still to smooth, I suggest what others have already.