Trying to make a mech

somebody comments?


It will dificult as nothing shows up

goto the link

dont use geocities


what should i use then?

It looks pretty good but it needs more parts, and it would be better to UV map the main part, and use images that match the UV coords for things like raymir, nor, etc. I can explain in more detail if you’d like. If you have never UV mapped before, first download the zip in my signature for the beginners UV tutorial, click on the HTML document inside, follow the instructions, and then I can explain more from there, and there are also a number of more advanced UV tutorials, but trust me it’s what you want for a mech. At least it’s what i would do lol.



use the location that is written in my signature.

easy to use, no siging up, hotlinking works fine, and its free.


A update of the model

and some other stuff i made
and yes i know the texturing of the tank needs a lot of work

Where the landscapes done in blender?

what do u thin yourself? :-?

Huh? Sorry dosn’t make sense.

made it in terragen, do you know it?

Ah ok. Yea I’ve used terregen before, pretty cool.

i’m also trying to make a good underwater landscape with terragen :o
BUT i need someone to model some fish because lattices don’t work at home i get an error evry time i select one
so could someone make animated fish? and algea?

here’s some other stuff i made with terragen