Trying to make a realistic car game...(my first post)

Hi everyone i’m kind of new to Blender, I’m trying to learn how to use it, I alredy did many stuff with it. Now, I want to make a realistic car game with suspensions and everything. I alredy did many car games but they didnt looked real. I can make the wheels spin when the car moves,etc but I want to make more. I looked into many tutorials on how to make a car game and found this one I did everything that this tutorial said I tried to use my own car and it did not work at all, I even used the same car in the tutorial but no luck, now what happends is that when I press ‘‘P’’ to play, the arrowkeys does nothing, none of it works. Please help and btw, this is my first post :smiley: Thanks.

A big thing to watch for, is naming objects, sensors, and actuators. Make sure those are all right.
And also check the console for errors.

I’m not quite able to tell what your experience level is based on what you’ve written, but I would recommend trying to make something fairly easy first, like a clone of an old arcade game (asteroids, pong, breakout, etc) just to warm you up and get you used to Blender’s game engine, python, and the works. It’s really difficult to single-handedly create an entire game (believe me, most of us have tried :D).After that, give your original project a shot and see what you can come up with.

If you need anything, this forum is the place to ask!

make sure you have the logic bricks on the car set to the right state.

I’m in the process of making a car game (note: I never create a finished project because I make simple games for practice…I learn as I go), and I’ve ran into the same problem when I first started. Like IAmThisGuy said, you must watch out for the names of the actuators, controllers, sensors, objects, scripts, etc. The scripts look for the exact names of whatever it needs to operate and control, so if you do not type in the name exactly how it should be, it will most likely raise an error. Watch out for the errors in the other Blender window (sorry, I always forget the name of the window). Once you know the problem, it can almost always help you fix the problem.

Thank you for all your replies, I checked the names of the arrows such as Gaz, Brake, Reverse,etc also scripts like ‘‘’’ and they’re all there, no different than the one in the tutorial. I tried to see the errors but I dont really know what to press, I tried ‘‘run python script’’ but I dont think it’s that one. Thanks again.

well…id say just start off with logic, that is the best way to learn blender, then later you should start using scripts, i tried that tutorial as well, i know, lol but i think i know the problem

did you edit ALL the stuff in the logic panels?


When you open Blender, it will open two windows. The first one says something like, “Compiled with Python version…” blah blah blah. In that window, it will usually tell you when an error has been triggered, and it will provide a traceback of what caused the error.

I did it! I used my custom car on this car engine! It worked! Thanks all for your help, what I did was, changed the name of the uparrow key(Gaz) to Gas and I re-opened the scripts then I also changed some numbers in the script like tire positions and I’ll try to tweak it to get better suspensions and stuff, guess I’m starting to get good:D Thank you all for your help.

Lmao. Ok. Glad to help. (sorry for bumping this thread guys)