trying to make a shoe

I’m trying to make a shoe, starting with the sole, and again I’m prefacing this with I’m still super noob with maybe 10 hrs of blender use in my entire life, so my method to do this may be entirely wrong.

I’m using bezier curves to trace the outline of sole

then extruding one end to make a new curve

when I get to the end I’m trying to connect the end point to the start point, I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly, I press c and a circle comes up and I click it and have to hit esc to make it go away.

if I select all and try to extrude on the z axis in any view it does not extrude as one object.

Do I:
Not make an outline with beziers?
convert the bezier outline to something before I try to extrude?
something else?


While the video helps a little I’m not able to accomplish what I’m trying to do. I should have been more specific, I’m trying to make a woman’s shoe, a sandal.
I outline the sole with a plane, the modify subdivisions and create seven loops like in the video, but when I try to extract the sole I’d like it to be completely flat along the sides.
What comes out is rounded, so the higher I make the heel the more it becomes shaped like a pill, and doesn’t look like a sandal

You need to add an edge loop (ctrl+r in edit mode) that is very close to the top edge, and another that is very close to the bottom edge.

If you turned off your subdivision surfaces modifier, there wouldn’t be the “curving” along the sides that is bothering you. But then the entire shoe would be blocky which you don’t want either. Adding a couple well-placed edge loops should solve your problem. Also, you will probably want to “shade smooth” your sandal when you’re done. (see attached blend file)

edgeLoopSandal.blend (439 KB)

forgive my ignorance, I’m really struggling but determined to learn blender.
I looked in edit mode and I’m not seeing what the difference is and I’m not sure when you say to create the loop close to the edge what edge you mean.

thank you for all your help so far, I do appreciate it.

I looked in edit mode and I’m not seeing what the difference is

See the additional loop of vertices at the top and bottom


you know it’s getting bad when you try to turn an image on a webpage with shift+mouse wheel.

thank you, I’ll try later today.

ok, now I need to do a few things.

  1. Make straps, the need to start at the sole, go around the food and attach to the sides of the shoe or the sole. They need some thickness, about 1/4 - 1/2 centimeter (z axis) about 1 cm (x axis). I have a model of a foot that can fit the sole and use it as a guide. Do I use a plane? A curve? A cube? If so how does it work?

  2. Make the sides, bottom sole and top sole different unique and individual surfaces so I can apply a different texture to each one. While I don’t know modeling to well I’m better at UVMapping and texturing, I need these surfaces to be unique so I can apply textures with different bumps, specularities, shaders and displacements to these three surfaces when the model is exported as an obj, and I will use materials outside of Blender for now.

  3. Make a mirror of the shoe for the other foot. I need it to be able to use the same surface settings if possible when I apply the textures, shaders, etc.

  4. Can I make a pattern for the sole, like ridges or tread. I know I can do this with a texture, bump and/or displacement but can it be done with the model itself. I’m going to need to do closeup work with this model so I’m trying not to cut corners.

This is a lot to ask for so if anyone can help thanks in advance. There is nothing more humbling than learning a new thing.

I’d suggest the links Richard posted earlier:

While this is on making a shoe, there are laces and multiple materials and other things that will help you figure out how to make a sandal. So watch those videos and feel the inspiration!

I do that all the time.