Trying to make a super sayan!!

Its a decent start, however I would join the two together or at least put the hair on top of the head. Eyes also help with the modeling process. You don’t have ears, and they tend to be tricky.

Which of the sayians are you trying to model? And at what level, each level has a different facial build and hair build.

I just ment that, level one is glowing swept back hair, strong body; level two is brows are enlarged and hair becomes spiky swept back; level 3 they grow extra hair and the brows really become neandertal-like, then you have the monkey/human form or the glowing gold ape. Just looks like your doing level one or two wasn’t sure exactly. A closer look at the ear would help if you want some crits on it, my suggestion though would be to immitate as closely you can one of the already animated ones and then alter to make more unique instead of rewriting the book and calling it a sayian. Remember, there are only a few different “types” of sayians.

The back of the head is weird shaped, the base of the skull should be higher up, more in line with the middle of the ear.

Best I could find quickly that shows the neck/head interaction

i talk with a friend, and i get new and better ears. Suggestions and critics are welcome.

pd: and im starting with the front

Nice ear!

The head to me looks too boxy maybe make it a little more round in the back and top.

Good luck I keep it up!

nice work

here you have new renders.
C&C are necessary.

he looks to cubic

is it stylized or does it need to be realistic

what about now? i think it nice. C&C are welc…well, like always

How long have you modeled? This is very nice.

henrymop: since Tue Dec 20, 2005


so for eight days it’s nice work

still try to round him up

and did you put Orthographic camera on in the ‘cubic’ render?

what about now?

I changed the body a little.

much better