Trying to make a window, but the glass gets "noisy"

Hi, first post, sorry if I’m doing something wrong. I’m trying to do a small architectural project, some faces are made of glass, but when rendering the glasses are “noisy” as in the image. Can someone help me? Telling what I’m doing wrong or something.

I imported from Sketchup
I’m using a Ryzen 5 3400g (igpu vega 11) if that’s useful

Imgur with more images

Render on Cycles

Thank You!

I guess you need some light… And a plane for the ground… Of course more samples 500 maybe

Could you explain?

How many samples are you using? I don’t see the light source. Try using a sky texture to illuminate the scene.

Don’t use normal glass shader for windows, you need to mix the glass material with a transparent shader, like this:

Same material in your image, 512 samples :confused:

More light too

Could you share the blend file?

I think it was a texture bug, I left only the texture of the glass and it looked like this:

Sorry, I forgot that


Where are you from? I saw on your file the word “vidro” for the glass. Are you Brazilian or Portuguese? I can speak Portuguese if it’s easier for you.

I’m Brazilian lol, speak as you like, but I think it would be better to speak in English in case more people see this topic

Well, we have a lot of problems in your file to start with. First you where using area lamps to illuminate your scene. That should not be a big deal, if the scale was different and area lamps for exterior renders can be a source of noise. You should have used an environment map. I’ve applied the nishita sky map and it helps a lot.

Second, your glass has no thickness. The mesh has to have a face where the light comes in and another where it goes out, otherwise the refraction will be messed up. I’ve applied a solidify modifier to solve that.

Also the material of the glass was not assigned to the glass faces.

What version of blender are you using?

I also realized that your roof and ground have no thickness and you messed up with sub surface scattering values for the walls. I have fixed all this issues, added denoiser and selected GPU rendering.
Added a ground and now the things are a bit better.

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Ok, I’m using Blender 2.91.2.

Ok, so, I need more “natural” light, thick glass and assign the material (I thought I had already done this :thinking:)

well, can’t you render using your gpu? Can’t you use denoiser? I can say that importing models from Sketchup represents a lot of fix to make in your model.
The corrected blend:

home.blend (2.3 MB)

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Omg thank you so much!
Can you recommend something that tells me how to use an environment map?

What about rendering with the GPU, would a Ryzen IGPU work?

Sure, first you should know where to find them. There’s an excellent site where you can dowload lots of hdri environment maps for free. It’s HDRIHaven.

This video can give an idea of the process.

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I am not sure you need to look at you preferences in blender, under “system” you can see if your graphic card is compatible with gpu rendering.

I was looking around and It seems that your computer is a Ryzen processor with integrated video card, am I right? In this case, I don’t think you can use GPU rendering, unless you install another graphic card for that. But you could search for more specific information or look directly in your settings in Blender, as I said before.