Trying to make an Ionic column cap

Hello all.
I’m a relative noob with this program, but I’ve been having fun playing with it. Currently, I’m interested in using it to create architectural (sp?) renderings of ancient sites in Turkey. I’ve been trying to make a cap for an Ionic Greek column, but the process eludes me. I’ve tried tracing the scroll component of it using curves, but when I try to close the curve it cuts through my lines and only fills part of it. I found one similar tutorial to make something like this, but it seems like there should be a more elegant way to do it. Any suggestions? I know the very basics of extruding/ scaling etc., but this particular set-up eludes me. Suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help.

Make one segment (like one pie slice of it) then spin duplicate it.

How do I spin it to create an increasing radius to make the full curl? What I’ve seen of the spiral function, it would give me more of a shell-shape rather than a nice scroll effect.