Trying to make armor

Fox Armor.blend (2.8 MB)

How do you make armor where it doesn’t go through the skin?

as far as armor, penetrating the skin use a shrink map modifier. To control the fur, look at this video on how to control where the fur is…

You can do as already suggested. Another way is to is alt-S on the model body vertices and scale them down. The vertices under the armor. I would make a duplicate of the body, and use that for the armor.

Another way is to delete the vertices. But I find shrinking the body part works better for animation.

For blender specific, you can try hiding the vertices. I would make a vertex group and hide them.

The video didn’t seem to work but from what I looked on youtube it’s a way to simulate cloth but armor to hard and ridged.

human dood does bring up good points. I did delete the body parts earlier, I’ll have to try the other suggestions.

what is the fox specifically for? maybe that will help.

I’m planning on making a type of song or music video.