trying to make hair not stick through body

hey i did the robo from blendermag to learn modeling and mat’s and stuff - then played with it a little to learn hair and fool around a little.

i tried to use the deflector and stuff like the tutorial said but i cant stop the hair from going through his head, and some of the grass from going through his body…

how do i do that?

(blender 2.4 btw)

heres the blend y’all

awww mann, im gettin scared - it IS possible right??? please tell me its possible…

c’mon guys…im starting to feel like an annoying little brother…somebody’s gotta know-or at lest point me to a better hair tutorial…pzzzzzzz

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

You can either spit the emiting mesh up into smaller parts, seperate (i.e. make another object) and give different values or convert to a mesh (the particles that is) by pressing alt+c and delete offending verts.

see the blenderwiki fo more detailed explanation.

Hope this helps

hmmm…so there’s no way to “deflect” static particles (hair), that way the hear just falls down/around the head?

thanks for the advice, gimme a coupla days…i gotta finish up a ‘work related’ blender project.