Trying to make HDRI image wrap around...

Got a .exr image file from somebody. I applied it as a world texture, but according the preview, it’s only being perceived as flat, where as I want it to have that wrap around look to it.

The guy who gave it to me uses C4D and it wrapped around fine for him, trying to figure out how to make this file look wrap-around-ish. Lil help? Thanks in advance.

in the ‘texture and input’ section of your world settings, you’ll see several mapping types, with ‘view’ being the default. You’ll have to ask him what kind of projection it is, but I think if it’s an exr file, it’ll probably be something like an angmap or tube projection. Keep in mind that the way blender projects textures is NOT the best, because if it’s not set to ‘angmap’ it will refuse to render the bottom half of the texture. I believe it’s trying to simulate a horizon when it does this, but it has an unfortunate side-effect when you’re doing a full environment and not just a sky.