Trying to make low-poly CRT screen - how to add 'bulge' to a plane?

Hi all,

I’m trying to model an old 80’s/90’s CRT monitor to be used as an asset in a game, and I’m stuck trying to make a low-poly curved glass screen for it.

I tried making a Nurbs surface and then converting it to a mesh. This looks great, but it used a lot of Triangles.

So then I added a Decimate modifier and brought the Triangle count down to around 226, but this still seems high to me.
It also created a strange ‘lattice’ topology, which I’m not sure is the most efficient?

I’m sure this is a really simple task, but I’m not sure of the best method to achieve it?

Anyone have any good ideas?


Try a plane. Subdivide it to the poly count you consider appropriate.
Then, with proportional edit falloff turned on (O key), grab the center vertex and grab it out.

Play with the falloff radius (scroll wheel) and the falloff mode (spherical, should work here).

Another way to accomplish this is to use the Z Math Surface addon


@GodOfBigThings: Absolutely perfect, I knew there had to be a tool like this somewhere, thank you!

@ramboblender: I don’t seem to have those options in my installation. Guess there’s an addon I need to enable but not sure which one?
Is there any benefit to using your method instead of proportional editing?

Thanks for your time, both of you!

Also : Lattice&Lattice Modifier

The addon is Extra Objects. My example used only 36 polygons for a smooth surface so i dont know if it’s a benefit for what you want to achieve, other than that it’s just another way of doing it.

Use Boolean modifier.