Trying to make some kind of short fur...


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This is my first post…

I am learning about textures, and i decided to make this experiment whith alpha…

Shall i go on or pass to some other blending?
Some suggestion to improve it?

thanks in advance!

(sorry for my english)

Hey! Is it so much horrible?

That is a neat methode, but it looks a little more like wool than fur. It is really good wool though.

That’s true, it looks like wool!!
I think i will apply it on a sheep to see how it looks…


Or maybe the loopy side of velcro.

But as per short, curly hair, yeah, that looks just about right, but it’s a little too uniform, it’d be nice to see some more randomness to it (like the overall shape, not the individual hairs)

Keep it up :).

maybe somthing like that?[/img]

Eh aner…that looks like you’ve used beast…


Actually, I think it is made from blender particles, posted by him sometime ago in the “new features” thread. Quite nice, though the lighting setup must have took him quite some time…

TiZeta, I suggest to make your fur more “furry”, you might want to change your texture to something like ||/. Take a look at the beast thread, I think it would help you in your attempt.

Ps:Ever tried the fiber script? :wink:

actually it took no longer than the making of the fur it self… probably 10 minutes not including render (yet another 5-7 long minuts) to make the whole thing.


Yes, i will use some more quick and serious way to make fur too, later, (i alwhais have to learn about those) but this is an experiment about materials…
I want to see what can come out of this, even if it is slow and complicated (but veri fast in render, few seconds!).

I shurely will give a look and i will make experiments with fiber too as i reach it, but by now i am only playing with materials and practicing with base modelling… thanks for the suggestion!

FrostByte, Now i am making a new character to apply it on (a sheep…) then i will try to improve it, maybe messing up the texture mesh with noise or something…

Bye, and thanks!

Hi! :smiley:

Well, the ship is very very wip and i am not so proud of it… i see something wrong in it, especially in the front view.
Anyway, here’s a screenshot…
Whool is still completely missing, modelling is to improve.

I would like to have some comment, critic, suggestion…

you can get rid of the seam by selecting all vertices (CTRL+A)>W>Remove Doubles (you mignt have to scale all the verts in the seam along the X axis to zero first)
About the wool, i think the texture would look better with less hardness.

About that sheep, i always thought sheep without any wool looked funny. it’s a pretty good model, I think.

BTW, the eye looks funny, like it has no lense. If that is the case, this is a great eye tutorial!

thanks JordanK!
Pixar eyes and removing the seam are two or the few things i am able to do :expressionless: im am still reading the manual, chapter 11 (textures, of course)…

About the eye, well you are right but i noticed that sheeps eyes are strange… the pupil is not exactely round… unfortunately i didn’t find a good reference photo… only little and low resolution pictures! But yes, eyes are to remake too.

Now, a little changing in wool. Going on with texture probing i found a way to mess it up a little without applying noise to mesh…
i have applied to the material of the “hats” a displacement and a bump map. … still to be improved, aniway. Too many…peaks?, thorns? sharped edges/corners?.. i dont’ now how to say!
My english, my english…

A thing i like, is that render takes only 40 seconds in full size and with osa, on a 16 mb old videocard and a quite slow computer…

The link: