Trying to model a bullwhip

I am trying to figure out the best way to model a bullwhip, I’ve played around with the screw modifier but not gotten what I’m looking for, can someone help point me in the right direction?

for a still or animation?

you could use some UV mapping for a more realist leather
or some procedural texture

depends how realist you want it ?

happy cl

If you are saying that you are having trouble creating a long, winding shape, you could try adding a curve and beveling it:

Curve objects can also be converted to meshes (Object > Convert to > Mesh from curve).

It’s going to be animated for a VR game

yea, I’ve been trying with the curves but I guess I’m not getting the right angles or something. Neither method I’ve tried is seeming to work like I want it to.

You could try just modeling it as a smooth whip, and using a tiling weave texture to make it look like the whip is woven together.

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