Trying to model a messy spider web, any ideas? What I have tried doesnt look right.

So as my title says. I am working on this scene

I would like to add a few spider webs like this

I have tried a few different things. I am rendering in cycles so the cloud generator wont work without some post work and BI renders. And I am not even sure that will work.

I tried using the grease pencil, then converting to mesh etc. But that just becomes resource heavy after extruding etc.

I thought of using the above picture on a plane with a alpha, but I an only imagine how tedious it would be to seperate the web from the back round.

So after giving it a fair shot I thought I would throw it out there to the community and see if anyone had an idea.

Thanks in advance

I am thinking textures on a plane, like some people do for hair.
(edit) you might even be able to use real spider webs. probably there are some textures out there, or if you have a high definition camera and a piece of black paper…

This looks interesting. Unfortunately I have no idea how this works…:wink:

Cell fractured cube, Wireframe and Lattice modifiers. It’s some 25k verts - should not be a biggest problem for image render on Cycles.
Hope helps.

see also this video

happy bl