Trying to model a tricky thing.

So im trying to make a futuristic type fan for my game and i was trying a part well that is very hard to explain so i ill try the eisiest way i can. Basically if you took a rubber tire without the rim and cut it in half then took each end and twisted them the opposite way so that its like a fan blade of continueas in a perfect shape and when you stick to of them together it makes a perfect circle continues fan blade sry if this makes no sence at all if so tell me and ill think on it a while to explain it better. but ya anyways how would i go about modelling one of these cause so far i just end up with a jagged sharp rectangle twisted and doesnt look good.

Well, I can’t figure out from your description what you mean, but you might try subdividing your base mesh a few times and then using a lattice modifier to do the twisting and bending.

ya sry its hard to explain but it was thinking, do fans really fit a futursitic type setting because there kinda lowtech no matter how fancy they look im trying to think of some type of air moving contraptions that is futuristic but not to far fetched.

maybe you can post a sketch?

well if you go to on the top there is this a picture like a ring type thing basically that is what im talking about but as a continues fan blade you know how a propeller has like a twist in it each end the opposate way to move air well what i talking about is bassically like 4 proppelers stiched together making a ring.

Then, try the ‘twist’ modifier.
Twist.blend (369 KB)

ya i tried this and your model is what im talking about but in a ring so basically what you have bent into a circle or ring shape.