Trying to Preview Texture Node Created Texture

Hello everyone, has anyone found a way to preview your texture without having to render it out? I was going to use some texture node created textures in a project but having to constantly render out the textures to see them is putting a stop to that plan.

Change the viewport shading to Rendered ?

Yeah, with render border it works quite well as a preview. Ctrl+B to draw render border, ctrl+alt+B to clear it.

Tried out your idea, got the red window, but the objects within it remain black (and I tried it with all available shader modes in Blender Render).

@JA12 and Richard:
I noticed that I could not get the “rendered shader mode” (not sure if I’m naming that correctly, the orange-ish sphere from Cycles) that you have in your picture. I’m using 2.65, is this mode from a newer version? Or perhaps I have to enable it?

Yes. Rendered viewport shading mode for blender render is available in 2.68 and later.

I see, thank you for the information.