Trying to put candy in a bowl.

I’ve got a scene that includes a bowl which I would like to fill with candy. I did some messing around with particles, best I could get made it look like the candy was growing out of the sides of the bowl. Tips for the best way to achieve this or links to relevant tutorials would be much appreciated, just to get me pointed in the right direction. I could place them individually by hand but I’m pretty sure that it must be possible to get the computer to handle that kind of thing.

I’ll attach the .blend file (v 2.64a, cycles) just in case seeing my scene would be a help. I’ve been using blender for about a month or two and this scene is still a WIP but any criticism is welcome. :slight_smile:

yahtzee_cycles1.blend (744 KB)

Use a particle system, with your candy as particles, to drop your fist ful of candy into the bowl. It may take some experimenting tih the many parameters, and you will need to cut the simulation at a the right moment. For instance, see

I would use rigid body dynamics instead of a particle system. Go to and grab a current build using Bullet physics. This vid should help get you started.

If the bowl is not transparent glass, you can create a false floor so you don’t have to fill the whole thing, just the top part.

Thanks guys for the replies. I downloaded that build with bullet physics, and using it seems to be pretty easy and I should achieve my desired results with a little bit of experimenting. Out of curiosity, in that first youtube video is that a fluid simulation that is using a modeled object for the fluid particles, or was that done with just the particle system?