Trying to Remove Grain

I know this looks bad, I don’t care about the models but does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get rid of some of this grain. the samples are at 100 and the clamp is at 7. Do i just need to tweak those values or is there something else to do?

Firs toff, you may want to animate the random noise seed. That won’t get rid of the noise, but it will change it so it doesn’t look like it’s been overlayed on top of the image each frame. Try this free CGCookie tutorial by Gleb Alexandrov on reducing noise in the compositor: Good luck!

Hello! I would recommend first looking up “reducing noise in cycles” on Google for some good tips. First, 100 samples is fine for a simple render without things like glossy or glass materials but you may need to go higher. Before that though, I just wanted to say that a clamp of 7 sounds like a whole lot. From what I’ve heard, an indirect clamp of 3 should get rid of big bright spots but most leave regular clamp at 0. Next, if you aren’t too worried about light accuracy, you can turn off caustics under the light paths tab. If you are rendering with a gpu, you should set the tile size under performance to something in the 256x256 range, while cpu should be more like 16-64. You can also decrease the light bounces until you see not too much difference with a higher value. In cycles, scaling up your light source and using planes as light emitters can also greatly affect noise, as I can remember this being my first mistake in cycles. After all of this, definitely try different amount of samples, as each one reduces more and more noise.

Hopefully this helped,


Just keep raising the samples until the grain is gone.

Also sometimes simply adding more light seems to help with grain. And for sure animate the noise seed as Terrance8D suggested.

The bottom line is some grain is something us home animators live with occasionally. And, of course it looks worse in a still. If I have a moving camera when it stops for several seconds I simply jack the passes up and then copy and paste that several times in the Video Editor.