Trying to render Rinky in different poses

Just been getting frustrated because blender just constantly crashes with no idea why. For example I pose him( Rinky from BigBuckbunny ) how I want then go to render and it just crashes. I’ve found if I lower the defined image down to 50% instead of 75 or 100 it renders, but I don’t want a crap quality render… why is it crashing…?

Probably because you do not have enough memory. What platform are you running on and what are the specs for your machine?
BBB in full quality needs 4GB RAM. This is only possible with linux and a 64BIT system. You might be able to get it rendered with less then that on a linux machine but I doubt it.
Turn down the display settings for the particles and see if that helps.
To debug use the debug switch on the command line (-d) and see what the console says.

All right, now that sounds fair…getting an answer feels nice… Yeah, that’s what I guessed it was though. 75 percent is fine to me, but sometimes it won’t even render that. About time to upgrade… Thanks for the info and I’ll try what ya said too.

I’m running:
AMD dual core 4200
2gb RAM
256 GeForce 7900 GS on Windows XP.

One more thing to add you can probably do the same thing on a windows vista 64bit with >= 4GB RAM. But linux tends to be less ressource hungry and better behaved.