Trying to "Round Out" a portion of a Flat Object with weird geometry

I posted this in the projects under way section as well.

I’m bringing in a design from another program and it has some really funky geometry. I am going through a process right now of manually subdividing faces to add geometry and then transforming vertices one by one. There has to be a better way!

Anyone have tips on how they would round out the handle of this slingshot using a tool? Or even put a bevel on the 90 degree edges? I know this can be done in sketchup pretty easily by cutting the corner off and sending it around the perimeter of a shape, but no such luck (yet) in blender.

My BIG CHALLENGE is the faces that run from the far upper left corner to areas at the right. When I start doing things like using the sculpt tool without adding faces it creates all kinds of badness on the interior of the model!

Would still love some help on this!

I would start from the beginning and make my own mesh i do not think this is good for any thing. I would use a plane and subdivide it and and delete faces till I had the basic shape then adjust the verts for the edge then extrude. That is if I am seeing this image correctly.

I agree. Starting with a fresh mesh you can save a ton of geometry and get it much more manageable. Provide the silohoute and I’ll even do it for you in 5 minutes. :slight_smile:

There is no need for even more precise outline to get such object in mentioned 5 minutes - use image provided.
Import image as plane, add another plane. In edit mode delete all vertices and start Ctrl-click to add vertices. F to fill outline, I to inset resulting ngon face. Add some separations selecting 2 vertices and hit J.
Use Delete selected Only Faces, fill again with ngon and K knife cut to ‘strighten’ square cuts in upper part.

if there is no deformation with some animation
then NGONS or tris are fine for flat surfaces

but if you need to add loops to modify mesh then it is easier to use quads!

happy bl