Trying to spin - no luck

Hi All,

I’m having difficulty trying to spin. I start off with an 8 sided circle and cut a couple away. I then moved the rest about to make a basic side of a wine glass. I’m guessing I would need to set my 3d cursor on a point that is closest to the side which is the stem of the glass as it sticks out. I then select all points. Spin is set to 360 degrees, with 12 turns. When the spin takes place it simply takes my outline and rotates it 12 times to give me a flat circle made up of 12 of my shape.

I tried it in view 5. I ended up with some weir shape from the start of the stem downwards. I then attempted to set my shape to sub surface 2 and optimise which gave it a more rounded look. But whenever I spin this I end up with a really flat object.

If somebody knows of a video tutorial for this or something similar, please let me know about it.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Check out:

Select your verts, place your 3D cursor at the center/rotation axis, and change your view so that you are looking straight on the rotation axis (usually Numpad 7 for things like glasses and cups). Then hit Spin, and click the new question mark cursor on the 3D view which you’ve previously setup.
Don’t forget to remove doubles.

yeah, spinning is a tough one. I can´t remember the things that you have to do to spin the object. So damn comlicated

Like dschnell289 said, you have to switch to TOP view before spinning.

Draw open(!) polygon; Convert it into a mesh (press ALT-C in Object Mode); Select all vertices (press AKEY) and check on top bar for number of vertices (this is important for deleting this polygon later); Switch to top view (NUM 7) (you can’t do this in other views!); Select one verticle; The cursor should be placed along the center of the polygon profile, and snapping the cursor to that location with SHIFT-S >> Cursor -> Selection.; Press SPIN button (don’t forget to set 360 degrees rotation and proper steps number - around 36); Annoying part is removing double vertices: To merge (weld) two vertices together, select both of them by holding SHIFT and RMB on them. Press SKEY to start scaling and hold down CONTROL while scaling to scale the points down to 0 units in the X,Y and Z axis. LMB to complete the scaling operation and click the “Remove Doubles” button in the EditButtons window. Alternatively, you can press WKEY and select “Merge” from the appearing Menu. You can then choose in a new menu if the merged node will have to be at the center of the selected nodes or in the location of the cursor.

well you can do a spin in any view…depends on which view you first drew the profile. Almost always it will be top - if its a glass or bottle. I use it to make cylinders and vessels…I draw the profile in top view, then spin in either side or front view.

[quote=Magnatolia;530222]When the spin takes place it simply takes my outline and rotates it 12 times to give me a flat circle made up of 12 of my shape.

Your probably pressing the Spin Dup button which only spins copies of your profile. Try pressing Spin button its the one that extrudes your profile