Trying to Sweep Along a Curve... Help!

Can someone please explain to me how to sweep a curve along another curve? Please check out this project file, all I want to do is sweep the archway shaped curve along a circular path, but no matter what I try it creates bizarre geometry but doesn’t come close to sweeping along the spline.

I’ve been working on this for an hour and I’m banging my head against the wall here :scream:


curve_sweep_debacle.blend (771.0 KB)

curve_sweep_fix.blend (790.4 KB)

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Wow that is exactly what I want to happen! For some reason your project file won’t open. It attempt to but then just disappears for some reason. I’m on Windows 10, latest build.

Anyway, when I try and recreate what you’ve done I get this:

Two ways to do this…one as @NewVisitor showed. In your example you selected the Circle to Bevel itself…select the Nurbs Curve as the Bevel Object

Or the other way is to select the Nurbs Curve and add a Screw Modifier and spin on the z-axis…I would add and empty at world origin to control it…Curve.blend (675.6 KB)

Look at the image again, that’s exactly what I’ve done. The ‘BezierCircle’ object has the “Nurbs Curve” as the bevel object.

Thanks @RSEhlers for taking the time to respond and share your project file. Incidentally I was doing exactly as you described but it wasn’t working. I thought it must be a glitch until I opened your project file and realize that it actually works…

But why wasn’t mine working? Well it was all down to one stupid thing: APPLY THE DAMN SCALE. Coming from C4D I always forget that in Blender you have to apply the scale. Oof, but anyway thanks again for your help, I can finally move on from this!


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Maybe because I am using Blender 2.92 (Alpha).

Oops, Must have mixed up the similar names…Sorry about that…:wink:
Ahhh scale…Yep, that will have strange results when least expected…especially when using the curve modifier…you just KNOW you did everything right and it doesn’t work…A major cause of hair loss in Blending!
Glad you found the problem!! Happy Blending!

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