Trying to take my next step.

I’m at odds with how to get a object to spin and go foward at the same time, anyone could help me out on how this could be done ? Already got it spinning on key, I just need it to go foward to strike something.

Okay this is easy…

se the key for spinning and the key togo forward connected to the same and, then have the movement of turning and forward… simple and easy unless you wanna go with python…

That’s fine and dandy but I want it to act as it’s a stick being thrown. The Loc and Rot won’t be logical because it is only effected if you hold down on the button.

add an always sensor instead of a keyboard ;).

or just turn the sensor false so when the key is press it will stop ^_-

Maybe if you have the model, you might understand better what I’m trying to accomplish.

Can’t download it ?

which obj you wnt spnning and going forward?

The axe, but how will it stay in view ?

uh… okay not sure what you want then… Rotate and move forward but still stay in the camera’s veiw?

im not sure what you want? you want it so when u press forward the axe moves forawd too?

No, I want it so when I press control it will be thrown, you know, axe throwing ?

You can do it so, when you press ctrl, it deletes the axe for 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds, another axe will be added from another layer, that has a spinning thingy on it. Now animate it so, it comes back or so. When it comes back (within 10 seconds) the axe in the hand of the character gets added again, and the duration of the axe throwing is over. It’s a little faking the weapons, but it works. Sometimes people think it’s easier to have the same weapon used in actions, but like in real games, they just delete the real weapon and add another, when it’s over, the real one gets added again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Figuring out ideas how to do’s, isn’t so hard, but realising it isn’t that easy. :-?

haha j-d u remember the knife i sent you ;). do u still have it i dont i think thats what he wants. do u remember?

She’s mine, stay away from her :smiley: Yea, I think I know what you mean, you mean something like that walking clown, but how would I do the animation so it rotates and fly repeatedly, would that require more work then I think ?

So basically, all you want is the axe to rotate and move forwards when you hit ctrl, and you want that to only happen once because if you kept holding it it goes in a linear motion?

Set up a property sensor so that it only sets the linv and angv once when you hit ctrl. It would look something ilke this:

Keyboard — AND — Motion
Property = 0 / — Property sets to 1

That should do it, now all you ahve to do is set the values in teh motion and make sure your axis is pointing the right way.


Ok, I guess I’ll be looking up some demo’s then.

Well, I did what you say, now it goes a different direction when I press ctrl key a second time, note, I have no idea, what the hell I’m doing. I uploaded the file again.

Hello, I made a few changes and use a animated IPO with Empty, I need it to fellow the camera, note this isn’t exactly what I have in mind, I would like to put an arm in there with it to throw the axe. Here’s the link