trying to texture landscape

Hi! I’m trying to texture a blender landscape like the pic below, taken from the game enemy Enemy Territory , but i cant seem to blend textures like that. Notice the way the sand on the floor blends with the green parts and the slopes.

Can this be done without having to uv unrap the entire mesh and uv map the bugger?

And by the way, do you think this mesh is to messy?

Thank you in advance

uv baby. all the way. good news is there is only about four texture images used, then just reuse them over and over again. also, when you do yours, do a better job mapping so you dont get that ugly stretching on the stone.

but how do i get that blending effect between textures? Do i have to gimp a giant size texture to UV map?

Well, the way the games do it is to just use an alpha channel (mapped/sized to the terrain grid) that controls the vis of each texture channel. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to do that in blender, I just don’t know it yet ^_^.

The textures just map to an XY plane and repeat, which is why you get the traditional heightmap ick on the steep bits. I don’t even know if there’s a way to do that in blender; tiling textures seems to go against the UV mapper’s concept.

you can blend textures with grayscale maps, and you can blend materials with nodes. check out a tutorial i left in the tutorials section called ‘making a planetoid’. I wrote it for UV mapping, but you can use procedurals too.

thank you . I’ll give it a go.