Trying to Toon an imported AVI

I’m trying to figure out how to “toon” a video imported into the Video Sequence Editor, as was done in this YouTube video by Chris Prillo:

I can’t seem to get the edge controls in the output box to act upon my imported AVI. Works on stuff rendered from within Blender, just not my imports.

Any thoughts or tutorials?

Sequencer plugin? Cartoon or something similar?

Google blender sequencer plugins.

Ah, yes… google isn’t going to help… actually I did that video with a couple of my own personal WIP seq plugins. I did the key with RGBscreen and the toon effect was done with an early version of papstoon (a plugin that I coded after updating sirdude’s cartoon plugin because I thought that it would be interesting to see if I could make a better toon effect…)

I didn’t bother to post about it here since there seems to be very little interest in seq plugins anymore…


Can’t speak to the level of general interest in sequence plugins, but I, for one, am definitely interested. So, if you’d care to share the papstoons plugin? (Couldn’t find it by way of google, either.)

Kent Mein’s Cartoon plugin, win version, crashed Blender 2.49b on both my computers, one a Vista SP1 machine, and the other XP SP3. So I’ve given up on his for now.

As you seem pretty savvy, do you know if the “edge” controls on Blender’s scene/render/output box work on imported videos? I had though I might achieve a “toon” look with that function. It works for me with Blender internally created models, but not imported video. (I’m a rank beginner, but usually don’t ask for help unless really bewildered!)


If you have or can get a copy of 2.49a, the Cartoon plugin seems to work without crashing.

I don’t understand, you mean composite nodes, not sequence editor, right?

I select window type/Video Sequence Editor, then split the screen, and in the new window get Image preview. Then I add and select a video file. Then in the button panel I select Scene (F10), and you see in the bottom of the button window on the far left some "output/render layers tabs. I select the ouput tab. Under that tab are located the edge and edge settings., which I fiddle with. I had thought that rendering would process the video selected with the results of the edge controls, or at least one frame, but I get no edge effecrts when I render.

Hi, sorry I couldn’t reply sooner but I was gone for the weekend ( we have 2 different elder members of the family in hospitals 150 miles apart… it’s been hectic )

I can give you the source code for both my papstoon and sirdudes cartoon plugin that I have updated but I have no way of compiling them for windows ( linux only here…)

BTW: The render options are only for 3D renders… they do not effect the sequence editor


Sorry about your the family illnesses.

No hurry on the source code. Whenever you get around to it.

Thanks for clearing up my render options questions. Now I know why the “edge controls” don’t work on imported video!

Here is the source code to the plugins… do you know how to compile them for windows?