Trying to twist

i want to create the grey metal, the bar and the round are easy, the twisty is not, i have tried the spin tool but it does not allow me to pull it down and twist at the same time. Which i guess is what it needs to do. I have tried to add loop cuts, but this didn’t help, i have tried to think other ideas but none of them made it past the keyboard! I Guess i could loop cut and twist each piece a little more than the last. Any other ideas, that make sense would be great. alan

Something like this? I extruded two ends from a basic square, rotated the top edges 90 degrees on Z, extruded again, then added some edge bevels along the bends to smooth it out.

Twisty.blend (764.5 KB)

Thanks very much, it is looking good now, one step closer to a finished carpark. recreating the past with blender and some help from good people like your self.

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