Trying to understand method in Blender, coming from old Softimage

Hello! I’m trying a few things with Blender, coming from my past experience with softimage XSI. I want to -
Create an extruded square shape, twist the square shape so it has a 180 degree twist over much of its length (think a wrought iron fence with square, twisted posts), then deform the object over a curve, resulting in a 3D letter.

I can figure out how to extrude the square, and can add points so that it has several to spread the spin over. I keep getting an error when I try to use “Screw”, something about needing a string of connected points selected. I’ve managed to use a curve to bend the object. not perfectly, but it’s a start. If you can help to identify some tutorials for Screw, Boolean, and curve deforming, I would appreciate it. Thanks! chris

I would just extrude the thing to the desired length and then use the Simple Deform modifier. It has a twist option. Be sure to add enough detail to the piece so it has something to twist. Then bind the shape to a curve modifier. You can adjust he twist and pose the thing like a snake then,

:wink: Always supply some references or scene file causing an issue…

You could go procedural all the way using modifiers on a mesh>plane:

Also, there are quite a few tuts around (think “rope”) or, if you’re used to doing it via nodes consider looking into Animation Nodes & Sverchok


Hi @CharlieVictor. Did you get to solve this? I too used Softimage long ago. We’re here to help. :slight_smile: