trying to understand parenting particle systems to lattices

(allison) #1

hi. I am just trying to understand what is supposed to happen when you parent particle systems to lattices. because i don’t think i am doing it right, or something.

so, when you use lattices with particles, does the lattice just kind of “steers” where the particles should go, just like define the general trend.
or does the lattice define the only area in which particles can be present. like all particles have to be within the confines of the outside borders of the lattice?

i am asking this because i am having a problem getting the lattice to affect the particle system at all. I followed the directions to the particle fish tutorial in the blender book, slightly modified to what i needed, and still no luck.
so, say you have a mesh that you want the particles to stay within (a new design for a toilet that my uncle made and now wants an animation for) is it possible to make a lattice that defines the same shape of the mesh, so the particles must stay within it?

just to let you know…my emitter is always entireing within the lattice, and i have hit the “recalc all” button in the animation window for the particles constantly, still to no effect.

okay, hopefully this made any sense at all.


(blengine) #2

a lattice just helps steer the particles =) particles arent confined to that area, just follow the general path…

i am asking this because i am having a problem getting the lattice to affect the particle system at all.

make sure your parenting is correct, partcile emitter parented to lattice…then, save your work, close the file, and open it back up again…thats what i have to do to see the lattice affect on the particles :wink:

i hope i helped

(S68) #3

Yes, correct, and beware that particles looks less ‘sensitive’ to lattices than normal meshes, they tend to keep theyr behaviour and you must deform the lattice a lot…

at least this is how they behave with me


(stukkm) #4

does anyone have a tutorial about this because i’m having some problems too. i parent the lattice to the particle emmiter and restart blender and still the lattice seem to have no effect on the particles.

(thatbrikwal) #5

aren’t you supposed to parent the emitter to the lattice?

(allison) #6

well, after following the suggestions, and all, i managed to get like a very very slight change in the path of the particles when the lattice was stretched way out and then way in and then way out again. i wish the effect of the lattices was a lot more powerful, or maybe it is just me not able to do much.

but thanks so much for the replies, i now know that lattices aren’t going to do what i want them to do, so i have to change my mind on how i am going to do this.