Trying to understand part of UV face select

I am learning UV mapping for the first time by studying the wiki user manual pages, as well as other things I can find. The Blender wiki user manual page:

has a section titled ‘Additional Options’ which mentions that the the 3D window can be switched to something they call ‘UV Face Select’ mode, and it further says that in this mode ‘Blender changes its menus slightly to give you more and better tools to use.’

I cannot figure out how to change to this ‘UV Face Select’ mode. I am using version 2.49.2, while the web page is labeled for 2.46. Could it be that the newer version no longer has this window mode and is done now in some different way?

Can somebody help me here? I am pretty well stuck with this part.

Yes, there have been changes. You can now simply be in “face” mode in edit mode (the triangle with the dot in it - face select mode, as opposed to vertex or line select) to access the UV face options in the Mesh panels. If your buttons window is squashed a bit, it’s easy to miss. I think by default the panel is tabbed behind two other panels. I’m at work, otherwise I’d do an image for ya.

Thanks, Eku, an image isn’t needed. You answered my question good enough. That helped. Blender is an amazing program, but suffers the usual problem with open source code. The documentation typically falls behind the pace. So, the learning can be a challenge. It helps a lot that even dumb questions around here almost never bring on the flames.

wiki updated.