Trying to understand the orange project...

Are the CVS builds all that are available? I’ve run into bugs with them (known bugs), and I was wondering, is there an official Orange release?

What did the Orange team use? Basically I want Orange for nodes. Is it more stable in other OSs?

The really great thing about Project Orange is that the artists say to the programmers, “we really could do with this feature”, and it gets done, because it is so necessary and there is such an ease of communication.
There is no official Orange release as such, just the Orange CVS builds. However, with testing, the features make it into the proper Blender release.
You’ll probably find the Orange version pretty stable. IF you’re doing something very important, either use 2.40 or save regularly with the Orange version - it’s probably fine, but it hasn’t had such extensive testing.
Remember, you can have as many versions as you like installed at any time, so don’t feel you always have to use that version.

Don’t report bugs for the orange project – it is in progress very unstable code – they know there are bugs and problems. You should wait until those changes are incorporated into the main tree and released before using it in a project.