trying to use a png as a texture for a plane

I have a simple problem to solve as the noob that I am (so your patience is very much appreciated.) I just want to add a plane that is the size of my image.png, render and output a .h file for use in obj-c. I have started with C-x to get a clean model; I added a plane which i scaled to the size of my image in px; I added a texture from the F6 menu as an image (set to be a still image, which now has an IM: name); I render and get a blue screen. What have I missed?


the plane needs to float in front of the camera.

This is a great video and I have studied in a good detail. By doing so, I was able to pick up a lot about blender that has gotten me very much further along–thanks! There is no longer an object-face mode in 2.49; I think it is linked automatically. Thanks for the quick reply.

Along those same lines, is it possible to have a video mapped to a plane and the video has an Alpha channel, and the plane only shows where the video without the Alpha is?

For example:

  1. Video of guy made in front of Green Screen.
  2. Green keyed out.
  3. Video exported with alpha channel as either Animation, H264, QT, or Apple Pro Res 4444
  4. Video mapped to plane and only the guy shows up, the rest of the plane is transparent.

I’m trying this now, and must be missing something, because I thought I was able to do it with a still .PNG, but an not able.